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Our journey began with a profound personal experience. Fueled by a passion for maximizing human potential, our founder discovered the transformative power of supplements in enhancing performance, focus, and recovery. This revelation sparked the birth of our brand 'KRAKEN', driven by the belief that every athlete, every individual pushing their limits, deserves tailored support to unleash their full potential.


Our Mission is to empower high-performance athletes with meticulously crafted supplements that amplify focus, energy, and recovery, allowing them to conquer their goals and excel in their chosen fields. We strive to redefine the supplement industry by offering transparent, athlete-centric formulations that provide a competitive edge while prioritizing holistic well-being.


Our Inspiration: Our founder's personal journey is the heartbeat of 'KRAKEN'. Witnessing the remarkable shift in attention, physical output, and focus through strategic supplementation ignited a mission to bring this potential to others striving for excellence.


'KRAKEN' caters to high-performance athletes with a focus on MMA, BJJ, and all other forms of martial arts. Our community consists of talented athletes who share a passion for showing up every day to the mat and giving it their all!


We stand for transparency, ensuring every ingredient is clearly communicated. We are dedicated to high performance, crafting supplements to align with the unique demands of our athletes. Quality is non-negotiable; our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they deliver consistent results.


Karken Nutrition is more than just a business - we are a vibrant community of martial arts practitioners who are dedicated to perfecting their craft. Our team has a deep understanding of fitness, nutrition, and supplementation, and strives to deliver the highest quality products to help you reach your peak performance.

Image by Timothy Eberly
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